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    Grind & Brew Coffee maker

    Integrated coffee grinder, Bean duo-container, Timer, Black and metal HD7762/00


    My Philips Grind & Brew coffee is not strong enough.

    There are several ways to increase the coffee strength. Although you can brew coffee from freshly ground coffee beans, bear in mind that this Philips coffee maker is not a fully automatic espresso machine.

    If you use the grinder to brew coffee with fresh coffee beans, we advise you to:

    Step 1 Checking bean containers

    Check if the bean containers contain enough beans for the quantity of coffee you want to brew and make sure that the container selector is pointing to the right bean container.

    container selection

    Step 2 Adjusting coarseness

    Try to select a finer-coarse grind with the coarseness knob to get a stronger coffee.

    grind size

    Step 3 Selecting coffee strength

    Push the strength selector button and turn the knob to select the desired coffee strength: mild (1 bean), medium (2 beans) or strong (3 beans).

    strength_selection 1–3 beans

    Step 4 Adjusting the amount of water in the tank

    Make sure that you fill the water tank with the correct amount of water for the cups of coffee that you want to brew.
    The coffee maker always uses the total amount of water that is in the water tank. The number of cups selected with the knob only affects the amount of beans that are ground by the grinder and not the amount of water that is used. By selecting the number of cups, you determine the amount of coffee beans that the grinder grinds.

    Step 5 Pre-ground function selected

    Be careful that you do not accidently select the pre-ground coffee function, as this will mean that the grinder will not start grinding the beans and no ground coffee will end up in the filter basket.

    pre-ground already selected

    When using pre-ground coffee, we advise you to:

    1) Make sure that the amount of pre-ground coffee in the filter is consistent with the amount of water in the water reservoir.
    How much pre-ground coffee you use is a matter of personal taste. For medium-strong coffee, use one measuring spoon (approximately 4–5 g/0.14–0.18 oz) for each cup (125 ml/4 oz).
    The strength selector button and the coarseness knob do not work when you have selected the pre-ground coffee function.

    2) Increase the coffee strength by increasing the amount of pre-ground coffee, by decreasing the amount of water or by using coffee of a stronger blend or flavour.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7762/00 .

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