SENSEO® Latte Duo Plus Coffee pod machine

Two cappuccinos in one go, Titanium Black, Integrated milk frother, Easy-clean function HD7857/50


How do I get a good milk froth with my SENSEO Latte Duo?

For reliable performance of the milk spout and consistently good frothing results, it is very important that:

You follow the two cleaning procedures:

1. Rinsing after every use

a. Put the milk tube in a cup of clean water.
b. Place an empty cup under the spout.
c. Press the milk only button.
The machine rinses all milk residues from the milk spout and milk tube with clean hot water.

LatteDuo-place clean setup

2. Clean all parts of the milk spout thoroughly after the last use of the day

a. Disassemble the complete milk spout and milk tube.
b. Clean all parts in the dishwasher or in hot water with some washing-up liquid.
When you reassemble the milk spout, make sure that all clean parts are installed correctly.

You descale the coffee machine regularly with the correct descaling agent.
Descale the coffee machine when the CALC indicator goes on. Only citric acid-based descalers are suitable for descaling the SENSEO® machine. This type of descaler descales the machine without damaging it.

LatteDuo clean parts dishwasher


For the best milk froth quality, we advise you to use semi-skimmed cow's milk that comes straight from the fridge and has a temperature between 5-8 degrees Celsius.
Do not use rice or soy milk. These types of milk do not produce high-quality frothed milk.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7857/50 .

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