SENSEO® Latte Duo Plus Coffee pod machine

Two cappuccinos in one go, Titanium Black, Integrated milk frother, Easy-clean function HD7857/50


How do I programme the cup volume of my SENSEO Latte Duo?

You can easily change the recipes of your SENSEO Latte Duo coffee machine to your favourite taste, find below out how to programme.

Note that:

This feature allows you to choose the volume that fits your favourite cup and taste preference.

How to programme:

Play Pause

Switch on the appliance

LatteDuo switch on

Fill the water reservoir with cold water up to the MAX indication

LatteDuo fill tank

Put a coffee pod in the pod holder

LatteDuo place pod

If you want to programme a coffee speciality with milk, put the tube of the milk spout into a milk carton, a milk bottle or a jug of milk

LatteDuo connect milk hose

Place an empty cup under the spout

LatteDuo place cup under spout with milk

Press the CALC button and the button of the speciality for which you want to adjust the volume simultaneously

Release the buttons when the appliance beeps twice after approximately two seconds.

LatteDuo press calc recipe

Press one of the following buttons to change the coffee volume

  • The regular coffee button for a larger cup.
  • The milk only button for a medium cup (default setting).
  • The strong coffee button for a smaller cup.
LatteDuo programme volume

The appliance beeps three times to confirm and starts to brew a coffee speciality according to the new setting

The appliance saves the setting automatically.

If you are not satisfied with the programmed cup volume, you can easily repeat the steps above to reprogramme it.
If you press the milk only button, the coffee machine returns to the factory default setting.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7857/50 .

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