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Glass, Aroma Swirl, black metal HD7564/20


The filter holder of my Philips coffee maker overflows

There may be several reasons why the filter holder starts to overflow. Find below solutions to solve the problem.

1. Filter holder placement

Check if you have placed the filter holder correctly into the appliance.
If the filter holder is not in the correct position, the drip stop will not be activated, which may cause the filter holder to overflow.

2. Jug with jug lid properly placed

Make sure that the jug and jug lid are correctly placed. If you do not place the jug properly on the hotplate, the drip stop prevents the coffee from flowing
into the jug. This may cause the filter to overflow.

3. Jug removed during coffee pouring

If you remove the jug from the appliance for more than 20 seconds during the brewing process, the filter holder starts to overflow.

4. Drip stop polluted

Check if the filter holder drip stop hole is clean and not contaminated with clogged coffee ground particles. You can easily clean the drip stop under a running tap.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7564/20 , HD7447/20 , HD7140/20 , HD7458/00 , HD7688/50 , HD7457/20 , HD7140/54 , HD7450/20 , HD7450/70 , HD7400/20 , HD7583/50 , HD7565/20 , HD7567/20 , HD7562/35 , HD7566/20 , HD7563/20 , HD7562/55 , HD7140/55 , HD7544/55 , HD7502/55 , HD7502/35 , HD7686/30 , HD7692/90 , HD7692/30 , HD7690/90 , HD7690/30 , HD7686/90 , HD7546/20 , HD5405/60 , HD5410/00 , HD7466/71 , HD7446/00 , HD7446/20 , HD7448/00 , HD7448/20 , HD7448/40 , HD7448/70 , HD7466/20 , HD7466/70 , HD7584/53 . more less

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