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    DL8740/15  Ear thermometer
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    Ear thermometer


    My Philips ear thermometer indicates LO/HI.

    If your Philips Ear Thermometer or Philips Avent Smart ear thermometer indicates LO or HI, there may be a simple solution. Find out how to solve it yourself.

    You might not be measuring body temperature correctly. Follow our tips for performing a measurement:

    1. Remove the protective cap before you use the device
    2. Press the power button to switch on the device.
    3. The display shows the last measurement
      result as well as the history icon.
    4. Hold the outer ear and gently pull it towards the
      rear of the head to straighten the ear canal
    5. Children under the age of 1: hold the outer ear and gently pull it straight back.
    6. Children aged 1 year or older: hold the outer ear and gently pull the ear up and
    7. Insert the probe tip very gently and slowly into the ear canal.
    8. Make sure the probe tip points straight towards
      the eardrum when you hold it.
    9. Always insert the probe tip into the same ear, in the same direction and at the same depth.
    10. Note: A temperature measurement taken in the right ear may differ from a measurement taken in the left ear.
    11. Press the power button to start the
    12. When the measurement is done, you will hear 2 beeps
    13. Remove the probe tip from the ear
    14. The display shows the measured temperature and the temperature light ring around the power button lights up red, if the measured temperature is above 38.0°C/100.4°F.
    15. Note: The temperature display on the device shows the measurement result for 30 seconds or until you perform a new measurement.

    Important to note

    Users are advised to use the ear thermometer in line with the instructions for use and to always seek professional medical advice without delay. Philips advises users against relying on the ear thermometer as the sole basis for a decision to seek treatment and/or professional help. Especially when the patient is a newborn (0-3 months), small child (4-36 months) or patient of any age that may not be able to communicate or take care of themselves.

    Measurement range

    The measured temperature is out of the measurement range. The thermometer can measure in the range of 32.4°C to 42.9°C or 90.3°F to 109.2°F.

    Still not working?

    The thermometer might be malfunctioning. Please contact our Customer Care Team

    The information on this page applies to the following models: DL8740/15 , SCH740/86 .

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