Sonicare Rechargeable powered dental flosser - pink nozzle

2 pink nozzles, 237 ml mouthwash HX8432/12


My Sonicare AirFloss is less powerful / no spray.

If the spray of your Philips Sonicare AirFloss becomes less powerful or stops spraying all together, you can often fix this yourself. Just follow these steps.

Clean the vent

There is a small vent in the reservoir door opening to let air in as water is drawn out of the reservoir for every burst. If the vent is blocked it will reduce and eventually stop the water flow.

If this vent is blocked, you must clean it using the following steps:

  1. Use a piece of paper towel or a cotton swab.
  2. Moisten (not soak) the paper towel or cotton swab with water.
  3. Clean the vent by wiping along the inside edge of the reservoir opening, especially at the top of the opening closest to the nozzle end of the device.
  4. Also wipe along the outside of the inside edge of the reservoir door along the top of the door closest to the nozzle end of the device.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and ensure no debris is left, from the paper towel or cotton swab, in the reservoir or along the edge of the opening or the inside of the door.
  6. Be careful not to allow debris into the reservoir fill opening.
Reservoir vent cleaning

The information on this page applies to the following models: HX8432/12 , HX8472/11 , HX8432/23 , HX8432/02 , HX8472/03 , HX8372/03 , HX8391/02 , HX8460/01 , HX8471/01 , CRP122/01 , CRP857/01 , HX8033/36 , HX8331/52 , HX8372/51 , HX8212/02 , HX8381/01 , HX8341/01 , HX8033/26 , HX8372/01 , HX8222/02 , HX8012/33 , HX8012/07 , HX8255/02 , HX8233/02 , HX8211/02 , HX8013/26 , HX8013/07 , HX8241/02 , HX8281/02 , HX8141/02 , HX8181/02 , HX8111/12 , HX8002/05 , HX8111/02 . more less

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