Wake-up Light

dock for iPhone/iPod, Dusk simulation HF3490/01


My Philips Wake-up Light is not charging my iPod/iPhone

If your Philips Wake-up Light is not charging your iPod/iPhone, this can be due to several reasons. Please check the following if you experience this problem:

iPod/iPhone placement

Your iPod/iPhone may not be properly placed in the iPod/iPhone station. Make sure you place the iPod/iPhone correctly in the iPod/iPhone station.

Wake-up Light placement

The Wake-up Light may not be properly placed on the base. Make sure that the mains cord and/or the antenna are not stuck between the base and the Wake-up Light.


Make sure that the plug of the Wake-up Light is properly inserted in the wall socket and that there has not been a power failure.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HF3490/01 .

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