AquaTrio Vacuuming and Mopping System

3-in-1 FC7070/01


The performance of my Philips AquaTrio has decreased

If your Philips AquaTrio Vacuum Cleaner's performance has decreased, please continue reading for solutions.

The active protection system is activated

This will happen when:

  • The appliance picked up an object other than dirt or liquid
  • The mopping brushes are too wet
  • The brushes have encountered too heavy resistance (by moving over a carpet)

Solution in case the active protection system has been activated:

  1. Release the power-on button to switch off the appliance. Put the appliance upright in the parking position ('click') and pull the plug out of the wall outlet. If the object picked up is the cord of another appliance, unplug this appliance as well.

  2. Open the mopping nozzle lid, remove the mopping brush cover and take out the object. If you cannot find the object, remove the mopping brushes.

  3. If the active protection system was activated because the mopping brushes are too wet, remove the mopping brushes and squeeze them over the sink. Place the dry mopping brushes back into the appliance.

  4. Place the mopping brush cover and close the mopping nozzle lid. Press the mopping nozzle lid to lock it ('click').

Note: Make sure you close the mopping nozzle lid properly, as otherwise the appliance is not reset.

The mopping nozzle lid is not closed properly

Make sure the mopping brushes and the mopping brush cover of your Philips AquaTrio are assembled correctly. Close the mopping nozzle lid properly. Make sure you press the lid until it locks with a 'click'.

The inside of the mopping nozzle is too dirty

Clean the mopping brushes by rinsing them under running water. If you want, you can use a liquid household cleaner or some washing up liquid to clean the mopping brushes. Clean the inside of the mopping nozzle and the mopping nozzle lid with a damp cloth.

The mopping brushes are not present

Place the mopping brushes in the mopping nozzle of your vacuum cleaner.

If the above solutions did not help to solve your problem, please contact us for further assistance.

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC7070/01 .

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