PerfectDraft Home beer draft system

70 W, 6-l Kegs, 30 days of beer, 3°C, LCD display (temp, volume) HD3620/25


My Philips PerfectDraft beer tap will not dispense beer

In the unfortunate event your Philips PerfectDraft does not dispense any beer, there might be a simple cause. Discover how to resolve this and your beer tap.

The keg may be empty

Install a new keg. Always use the new tube provided with each keg when you install a new keg.

The tap unit or tube have not been fitted properly

Put the tap unit onto the connection top of the keg by pushing it down firmly ('CLICK' fig.1). If you snap the tap unit onto the keg correctly, it fits nicely between the two keg chimes.

Reinstall the tube by sliding it into the tap unit and pushing it down until you hear a 'CLICK'.

Place tap unit


If you can move the arm of the connection top freely up and down, the tap unit is placed properly on the keg (fig.2).

Tap unit correctly placed

If the problem continues to occur

We recommend you to contact Philips Consumer Care for a solution.

When you contact us, please have available:

  • The exact model number of the appliance (HD36xx)
  • The serial number of your appliance (you will find it on the bottom of the appliance)
  • The expiry date of the keg
  • The production number of the keg (number under the expiry date)

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD3620/25 , HD3620/22 , HD3610/50 , HD3620/20 , HD3620/21 . more less

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