TensRelief Wireless TENS

1 channel using 2 electrodes, Wireless controlled, Integrated activity monitor, 8 programs PR3093/00


The 'no connection symbol' is on the TensRelief remote display

There are multiple reasons why the display of the TensRelief remote shows the 'no connection symbol'. See here how you can resolve it yourself:

Possible reasons

  • The treatment status indicator flashes green when the TENS units are switched on and in standby. If the TENS units are switched off, press the on/off button to switch them on
  • There is no connection because the battery of the TENS units has run down. Charge the TENS units (see chapter 'Preparing for use')
  • The TENS units have internally overheated. If this is the case, the treatment status indicator flashes red. Detach the TENS units and let them cool down. As soon as they have cooled down sufficiently, you can reattach them to the electrodes and press the on/off button on the TENS units to resume treatment. The TENS units may become warm on the outside during treatment, but the temperature never becomes so high that there is any risk of damage or injury
  • The remote control is too far from the TENS units. Bring the remote control closer to the TENS units
  • The TENS units may be broken. Contact the Philips Customer Care Centre

The information on this page applies to the following models: PR3093/00 , PR3094/00 .

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