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My Philips Saeco espresso machine is makes a strange noise

Do you hear a strange or unusual noise when you are using your Philips Saeco espresso machine? Find out what could possibly cause this sound and how to solve this.

The AquaClean filter is not installed correctly

The AquaClean filter needs to be prepared before placing it into the water tank. If this is not done, air might be drawn instead of water. To correctly prepare and install the AquaClean filter in the Philips Saeco espresso machine, follow these instructions.

  1. Remove the AquaClean filter from the water tank
  2. Shake the filter for about 5 seconds
  3. Immerse the filter upside down in a jug of cold water, until no more air bubbles are coming out of the filter
  4. Place back the AquaClean filter into the water tank and make sure that it is securely in place
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The coffee funnel is blocked

Check to see if ground coffee is blocking the coffee funnel. If so, unclog the coffee funnel with a spoon handle by following these steps:

  1. Turn off the espresso machine and wait until you hear no more sounds (this can take up to 20 seconds)
  2. Remove the brew group
  3. Open the lid of the pre-ground coffee funnel and place the spoon handle into the funnel
    Note: if there is no pre-ground coffee funnel, insert the spoon handle into the coffee funnel from below
  4. Move the handle up and down until the clogged ground coffee falls down Note: Some force may be required
  5. Remove all the fallen ground coffee and replace the brew group
  6. Brew an espresso
  7. After brewing, check if the funnel is still free from ground coffee. If not, repeat the unblocking procedure.

To prevent the coffee funnel from getting blocked again, never spill water into the coffee bean container.

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Trapped coffee beans underneath the water tank

Check to see if there are any coffee beans trapped underneath the water tank. Remove all coffee beans by following these steps:

  1. Remove the water tank
  2. Remove any beans that are located at the bottom of water tank compartment
  3. Replace the water tank
  4. Restart the machine by turning it off and on again

Coffee residue around the bean container (GranBaristo or Moltio models only)

Remove all coffee residue in and around the bean container by following these steps:

  1. Remove the bean container from the espresso machine
  2. Detach the bean container and clean both parts
  3. Remove all coffee residue underneath the coffee bean container with a cloth
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The brew group is dirty

Clean and grease the brew group

  1. Turn off the appliance and wait until you hear no more sounds (this can take up to 20 seconds)
  2. Remove the brew group and rinse it with fresh water, especially the round filter of the brew group
  3. Make sure that the brew group is well greased (see this video for instructions)
  4. Replace the brew group, coffee grounds container, drip tray and close the service door
  5. Turn on the appliance

Note: For a thorough cleaning of the brew group, we advise using the Saeco Coffee Oil Remover Tablet CA6704.

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The grind setting is set to a fine grind

Try using a courser grind by adjusting the grind settings. You can adjust the grind settings with the knob on the inside of the bean container. Make sure that you only adjust the grind settings while the espresso machine is grinding.

  1. Place a cup under the coffee spout
  2. Press the ESPRESSO button to brew a coffee
  3. When the grinder starts grinding, place the grinder adjustment key on the grinder adjustment knob
  4. To adjust the setting, push it down and turn it one notch to the left or to the right
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Limescale is blocking the water circuit

Descale your Philips Saeco espresso machine at least every month to keep the appliance free from limescale. This will improve the taste, temperature and sound of your Philips Saeco espresso machine.

Did none of these steps solve the issue? Please contact us for further assistance.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD8761/18 , HD8763/18 , HD8750/88 , HD8966/08 , HD8964/08 , HD8768/08 , HD8769/08 , HD8750/18 , HD8767/01 , HD8750/81 , HD8750/11 , HD8751/88 , HD8753/88 , HD8745/12 , HD8833/16 , HD8930/02 , HD8930/01 , HD8745/18 , HD8942/12 , HD8942/11 , HD8856/08 , HD8856/06 , HD8856/04 , HD8854/16 , HD8854/14 , HD8838/04 , HD8837/08 , HD8836/18 , HD8833/18 , HD8745/11 , HD8838/31 , HD8838/08 , HD8743/11 , RI9743/31 , RI9743/13 , HD8943/19 , HD8943/16 , HD8943/13 , HD8943/12 , HD8856/09 , HD8856/05 , HD8856/03 , HD8856/02 , HD8854/15 , HD8854/09 , HD8854/03 , HD8854/02 , HD8839/11 , HD8838/09 , HD8838/03 , HD8838/02 , HD8837/32 , HD8837/31 , HD8837/09 , HD8837/06 , HD8837/05 , HD8837/04 , HD8837/03 , HD8837/02 , HD8836/29 , HD8836/22 , HD8836/19 , HD8836/12 , HD8743/12 , HD8743/13 , HD8743/15 , HD8743/16 , HD8743/17 , HD8743/19 , HD8745/01 , HD8745/02 , HD8745/03 , HD8745/04 , HD8745/05 , HD8745/06 , HD8745/07 , HD8745/09 , HD8745/19 , HD8745/21 , HD8745/22 , HD8745/23 , HD8747/01 , HD8747/02 , HD8747/03 , HD8747/09 , HD8833/11 , HD8833/12 , HD8833/13 , HD8833/14 , HD8833/15 , HD8833/19 , HD8833/31 , HD8833/39 , HD8856/01 , RI9752/11 , RI9757/01 , RI9755/21 , RI9755/11 , RI9837/05 , RI9743/11 , RI9837/01 , RI9836/21 , RI9836/11 , RI9833/11 , RI9747/01 , RI9745/01 , RI9752/01 , RI9754/21 , RI9754/01 , RI9752/31 , HD8836/11 , HD8836/21 , HD8837/01 , HD8838/01 , HD8854/01 , HD8943/11 , HD8943/21 . more less

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