Extra-Sensitive Cleansing Brush

Extra-Sensitive Cleansing Brush

Replace every 3 months, For daily use, For sensitive and dry skin, Easy to replace SC5993/10


What can I do if the brush filaments get deformed?

If the filaments of the brush head are deformed, you can restore them to their original shape by putting the brush head in hot water (max 70° for 90 sec.). Be careful, for hot water may scald your hands. If this does not work anymore, then we recommend to replace the brush head.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SC5993/10 , SC5996/10 , SC5265/12 , SC5275/10 , SC5370/10 , SC5990/10 , SC5991/10 , SC5992/10 , SC5993/00 , SC5996/00 . more less

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