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At what exact circumstances is my Dial-up baby monitor activated to make the outside call?

Your appliance will make the outside call when:

  1. Device is connected to an analogue outside line.
  2. No other phones/answer/fax machines are connected to this outside line.
  3. Device is set to “dialer mode”.
  4. Microphone sensitivity is set correctly.
  5. Baby is crying for a minimum of 5-7 seconds during a 10 sec period, to meet the threshold.

NOTE: when the mic sensitivity is set too low and/or the position of the unit is not close enough to the baby, the device does not activate the outside call as the minimum threshold of 5-7 sec continuous baby sounds is not met.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCD469/05 , SBCSC469/84 .

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