Satinelle Advanced Advanced wet and dry epilator

Grips hairs 4x shorter than wax, Our widest epilation head yet, Use in or out the shower, Two speed settings for comfort in sensitive areas BRE605/00


My Philips epilator does not charge

If your Philips epilator does not charge, there might be a simple solution. Find out how to solve it yourself here.

Power failure

Make sure that the socket to which you connect the epilator is live.

The cable is not connected properly

Check whether the small plug has been inserted into the epilator properly.

The problem persists

Please contact us.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BRE605/00 , BRE651/00 , BRE635/00 , BRE652/00 , BRE644/00 , BRE610/00 , BRE630/00 , BRE650/00 , HP6581/03 , HP6583/03 , HP6582/00 , HP6577/00 , HP6581/00 , HP6579/00 , HP6575/00 , HP6511/04 , HP6517/04 , HP6511/05 , HP6511/02 , HP6511/00 , HP6517/00 , HP6503/10 , HP6503/99 , HP6490/00 , HP6503/09 , HP6503/00 , HP6492/00 , HP6493/00 , HP6492/11 , HP6491/00 . more less

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