SatinSoft Epilator

Wet and dry, 5 accessories, with the skin stretcher HP6523/03

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the appliance start with speed II and what are the two speed settings for?

  • The appliance starts running at speed II because this is the most efficient speed for epilation and recommended for epilating large areas (e.g. leg)
  • Speed I is suitable for areas with little hair growth, for hard-to-reach areas and for areas where bones are located directly beneath the skin, such as knees and ankles

The information on this page applies to the following models: HP6523/03 , HP6583/03 , HP6581/03 , HP6522/02 , HP6527/00 , HP6582/00 , HP6521/01 , HP6581/00 , HP6579/00 , HP6577/00 , HP6575/00 , HP6520/01 , HP6522/01 , HP6574/00 , HP6578/00 , HP6574/11 , HP6574/10 , HP6574/01 , HP6570/00 , HP6572/00 , HP6576/00 . more less

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