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WardrobeCare Integrated ironing board

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My Philips Steam generator leaks dirty/yellow/brown water

If your Philips Steam generator is leaking dirty water, we are here to help. Find out how to prevent this from happening while ironing.

Scale build-up

Your Philips Steam generator might have washed out scale through the soleplate. This may happen when accumulated scale inside the iron is washed out from the steam vents of the iron by excess water inside the iron, caused by inappropriate temperature or steam settings.

Example: Brown water from soleplate, and ironing with steam on a temperature setting in the non-steam zone of the temperature dial.

Descale your Philips Steam generator

1) Place a cloth over the ironing board; the cleaning process will stain the cloth
2) Fill the water tank to the MAX mark
3) Power-up the iron and set Temperature on Iron to the One dot position
4) Wait for iron to heat up till it is READY to enable the steaming function
5) Iron the clothing in a forward-backward motion while activating the steam trigger

Note: You might hear a gurgling noise, and a combination of steam and water will flush out of the soleplate. Loose scale in brownish water will wash out.

6) Continue until all scale is washed out and water from the iron appears clean
7) Switch off and unplug the steam generator from the mains; wipe dry the soleplate

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC9940/05 , GC9920/05 .

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