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    PerfectCare Expert Plus Steam generator iron

    Max. 7.5 bar pressure, Up to 480 g steam boost, 1.8 L detachable water tank, Ultra-light iron GC8942/26


    My Philips steam generator iron does not produce steam

    If your Philips steam generator iron has stopped steaming, there can be several reasons. Find out how to solve it yourself here.

    The steam button is not pressed

    Your steam generator iron does not produce steam when this button is not pressed.

    Please press and hold the steam button continuously to generate steam. When you release the button, the iron stops steaming.

    Refilling the water tank

    The steam generator is not hot enough to produce steam

    Please wait until the “iron ready” light on the iron lights up continuously. If steam is still not generated, we recommend that you contact us.

    'Iron ready' light

    The Calc-Clean or Decalc light is blinking and/or there is a beeping sound

    Your iron needs to be descaled (or descaling mode is activated).
    Find all descaling information for your Philips iron here.

    Steam trigger

    During first use, a short steam delay can be expected

    After filling the appliance with water, when you press your iron's steam button for the first time, you will experience a steam delay of 30 seconds. During these 30 seconds, you will hear a pumping sound (which you will also hear during normal use).
    After this start-up cycle, the iron will generate steam when you press the steam button.

    Please note: For PerfectCare AquaPro steam generator irons this delay could be up to a few minutes. This may happen when the iron has been stored for a long time.

    Placing water tank

    There is not enough water in the water tank

    When the water level in your Philips steam iron is below the MIN level, your iron cannot generate steam. Please refill the water tank with water. Your iron should work again.

    **Only for irons with a dial**: The temperature dial is set in the wrong position

    The iron does not produce steam when the temperature dial is in the Calc-Clean or 1 dot position.
    Please set the temperature dial to the 2 or 3 dot position.

    The automatic steam mode is turned off

    If your steam generator iron has an intelligent automatic steam mode and this is turned off, the iron will not produce steam unless you press the steam trigger.

    Please turn the automatic steam mode on or press the steam trigger to produce steam as needed.

    The automatic steam mode is turned on and the iron is still or tilted in the air

    If your steam generator has an automatic steam mode and this is turned on, it will stop producing steam when the iron is not moving or when the iron is lifted in the air and tilted.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: GC8942/26 , GC8962/46 , GC6804/26 , GC9660/36 , GC9635/26 , GC8755/86 , GC8750/66 , HI5916/26 , HI5914/36 , GC6704/36 , GC6709/26 , GC6730/36 , GC9682/86 , GC6833/36 , GC6830/26 , GC6733/26 , GC7057/20 , GC7805/20 , GC7833/80 , GC7808/40 , GC7055/20 , GC7717/80 , GC8712/20 , HI5910/20 , GC8733/20 , GC8715/20 , GC9650/80 , GC9642/60 , GC9410/60 , GC9405/80 , GC9324/20 , GC8735/80 , GC7710/20 , GC7715/80 , GC7703/20 , GC7705/30 , GC6627/30 , GC6630/20 , GC6606/20 , GC6603/20 , GC6612/30 , GC8643/30 , GC7035/20 , GC7037/27 , GC9630/20 , GC6602/20 , GC7635/30 , GC7619/20 , GC7015/20 , GC6631/30 , GC6625/30 , GC6621/20 , GC6611/30 , GC8376/02 , GC8651/10 , GC8616/30 , GC8638/20 , GC8650/80 , GC8370/02 , GC8375/02 , GC7541/02 , GC6511/02 , GC9241/02 , GC9236/02 , GC9231/02 , GC9222/02 , GC8640/02 , GC8630/02 , GC7540/02 , GC7480/02 , GC9550/02 , GC7530/02 , GC8635/02 , GC7521/02 , GC8410/02 , GC8620/02 , GC8615/02 , GC7520/02 , GC9540/02 , GC7510/02 , GC9230/02 , GC9235/02 , GC9220/02 , GC9240/02 , GC8328/02 , GC6510/02 , GC8350/02 , GC8340/02 , GC8340/07 , GC6520/02 , GC7430/02 , GC7420/02 , GC8560/02 , GC8520/02 , GC7423/02 , GC9140/02 , GC8325/22 , GC8323/02 , GC8325/02 , GC8320/02 , GC8420/02 , GC8460/02 , GC7320/02 , GC7330/02 , GC6420/27 , GC6420/03 , GC8225/02 , GC9020/02 , GC9040/02 , GC7220/02 , GC7230/02 , GC6320/03 , GC6360/02 , GC6310/03 , GC8261/02 , GC8220/07 , GC8220/02 , GC8210/03 , GC8030/08 , GC8030/28 , GC8080/02 , GC8030/02 . more less

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