PerfectCare Pure Steam generator iron

Max 5 bar pump pressure, 180 g steam boost, 1.5 l fixed water tank GC7619/20

Frequently Asked Questions

When to replace my Philips Steam generator cartridge?

A Philips Steam Generator cartridge lasts three months on average. Depending on the hardness of the water and how many hours you iron, this may vary.

Tips and tricks:

  • Replace the ANTI-CALC cartridge when the ANTI-CALC replacement light starts flashing and the appliance starts beeping
  • If you do not want to replace the ANTI-CALC cartridge, you have to use demineralised water or descaled water from the IronCare (GC024); in that case, you need to leave the exhausted cartridge in the compartment
  • After replacement of the anti-calc cartridge, it may take 10 seconds for steam to come out of the appliance
Anti-calc replacement light

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC7619/20 , GC7635/30 .

Temperature issues(3)
Other faults(8)
Indication Lights(4)
Steam issues(10)
Power/ Charging / Battery life(1)
White or brown stains(1)

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