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    HR2605/81 Daily Collection Mini blender
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    Daily Collection Mini blender


    The blender jar leaks. What should I do?

    • Switch the appliance off and pour out the ingredients. Remove the blade unit interface. Check if the sealing ring has been assembled properly on the blade unit.
    • Then assemble the parts again:
      • Place the sealing ring on the blade unit
      • Assemble the blade unit onto the blade unit interface
      • Screw the blade unit interface onto the bottom of the blender jar until it is fixed properly

    Hint: Do not put the sealing ring into the dishwasher because it will become brittle.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HR2605/81 , HR2106/91 , HR2105/00 , HR2106/01 , HR2105/01 , HR1845/31 , HR2102/01 , HR2100/01 , HR2010/50 , HR2172/01 , HR2096/01 , HR2160/50 , HR2170/50 , HR7772/00 , HR2000/50 , HR2000/70 , HR2027/70 , HR2024/70 , HR2021/70 , HR2020/70 , HR2011/70 , HR2010/70 , HR2009/70 , HR2008/70 , HR2006/70 , HR2004/70 , HR2001/70 , HR2084/01 , HR7625/70 , HR2084/00 , HR2094/00 , HR2094/01 , HR2067/00 , HR2074/50 , HR2061/02 , HR2067/02 , HR2066/00 , HR2064/00 , HR2002/53 , HR7771/53 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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