Pure Essentials Collection Food processor

Pure Essentials Collection Food processor

1000 W, Compact 2 in 1 setup, 3.4 L bowl HR7774/30


How do I change the thickness of the adjustable slicing disk?

On the underside of the disk there is a dial which you can twist to increase or decrease the cutting height of the slicing disk. You can also use this dial to move the blade into a flush position with the rest of the disk for safer storage.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR7774/30 , HR7735/55 , HR7739/55 , HR7740/55 , HR7745/55 , HR7744/55 , HR7621/70 , HR7625/70 , HR7730/80 , HR7743/01 , HR7768/13 , HR7765/13 , HR7764/13 , HR7755/00 , HR7754/01 , HR7771/53 , HR7605/10 , HR7750/01 , HR7745/80 , HR7735/80 , HR7620/70 , HR7627/01 , HR7628/01 , HR7629/91 , HR7772/00 , HR7774/90 , HR7775/00 , HR7781/00 . more less

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