PerfectDraft Home beer draft system

70 W, 6-l Kegs, 30 days of beer, 3°C, LCD display (temp, volume) HD3620/25


I cannot insert the tube into the tap unit

1) The tube has not been inserted properly.
Insert the flexible tube into the tap body. Slide the projections of the tube connector under the hinge points. Push the tube connector into the opening in the tap unit until it locks into position with a click.

2) The tap unit has not been rinsed with hot water.
Make sure you clean the tap unit with hot water before you insert a new tube.

3) The tube may be broken.
Try placing a new tube in the tap unit.

To request a new tube, you can contact the PerfectDraft call centre in your country: for Belgium and Luxembourg +32 (0)78-250159, for Germany 01801-324000, for the Netherlands 0900-2224222)

When you contact us please have available:

  • The exact model number of the appliance (HD36xx)
  • The serial number of your appliance (you find it on the bottom of the appliance)
  • The expiry date of the keg
  • The production number of the keg (number under the expiry date)

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD3620/25 , HD3610/50 , HD3620/20 , HD3620/21 . more less

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