PerfectDraft Home beer draft system

70 W, 6-l Kegs, 30 days of beer, 3°C, LCD display (temp, volume) HD3620/25

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t used the appliance for several days, can I still drink the rest of the beer?

Once the keg has been opened, the beer will stay fresh for 30 days when kept chilled in the plugged-in appliance. Check the freshness indicator on the display for the number of days left that the beer will still keep it's freshness.

If the display indicates a dash and an exclamation mark or if the appliance was switched off for a longer period, the keg needs to be replaced.

Note. When you haven't used your PerfectDraft® for more than 7 days, beer residues in the tube may have gone bad. We therefore advise you to let the beer flow for a very short time before serving the next beer. When you replace the keg, you need to use a new tube.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD3620/25 , HD3610/50 , HD3620/20 , HD3620/21 . more less

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