Full-body solarium

24 TL, HPA facial HB585/01


There is not enough fragrance/I cannot smell the fragrance.

This can be contributed to a number of factors: Habituation may cause fragrances to be perceived less or not at all, but this is normal. When you lie on your belly, the fragrance will be less noticeable than when you are lying on your back. Airflows in the room where you use the appliance may also affect the fragrance level. Your personal condition may also influence the degree in which you perceive the fragrance.

Scent granules can be ordered via:
www.philips.com/shop (the webshop is available for consumers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the UK).
The scents can also be ordered via your Innergize dealer. The dealer either has the HB080 scents in store or can order them for you.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HB585/01 , HB584/01 .


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