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    Viva Collection Pasta and noodle maker

    White HR2332/11


    Not enough/no pasta is coming out of my Philips pasta maker

    If no pasta comes out, if too much leftover dough stays inside or if the mixing paddle of your pasta maker is running idle, please read on to learn how to resolve this.

    The flour/water ratio might be incorrect

    Check the flour/water ratio: There may be differences in flour from country to country. If you are using wholewheat flour, add another 5 ml (0.17 fl oz.) of liquid.

    When the water/flour ratio is correct, the consistency of the dough should be crumbly and appear rather dry. This consistency is needed in order for the extrusion forces to turn the dough into the perfect pasta dough.

    Please see the right dough consistency in the following image:

    Philips pasta maker water/flour ratio

    Too much water was used

    If you have used too much water, disconnect the plug from the power source and discard the dough. Clean the pasta maker and follow the user manual to restart the pasta-making process.

    If the dough looks like this, you added too much water:

    Philips pasta maker amount of water

    The amount of flour is incorrect

    Make sure that you are following the recipe by using a kitchen scale or the flour cup provided.

    Liquid was poured too fast

    Pour liquid into the device slowly for the best results.

    Some dough is left inside the chamber

    If just a little dough remains inside the mixing chamber of your pasta maker, please put the dough directly on the mixing paddle using a kitchen utensil and start the extrusion-only program.

    To use this program, you need to press the extrusion-only button, and press the start/pause for extra extrusion. The program will take 3 minutes to complete.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HR2332/11 .

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