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FlexHead flexible steam plate, MyEssence fragrance infuser, StyleBoard, 2000 W GC558/36


My Philips Stand Garment Steamer is steaming weakly

If you notice that the steam coming from your Philips Stand Garment Steamer is weak, there may be a simple solution. Read more below.

The steam setting is too low

When the steam setting is low, the steam output may seem weaker than expected. Please try choosing a higher steam setting.

The steamer needs to be descaled

If your stand steamer is steaming weakly, then it needs to be descaled.

To solve this, please descale it as follows:

1) Switch off and unplug your stand steamer. Allow it to cool down for an hour.

2) Bring the steamer to a sink.

3) Locate the de-calc knob (you will find it on the lower area of the water tank).

4) Turn the de-calc knob anti-clockwise to unlock it.

5) Pull the de-calc knob out and let the water drain.

6) Once all water is drained, push the de-calc knob back in and turn it clockwise to lock it.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC558/36 , GC524/66 .

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