Fidelio A2 wireless Hi-Fi receiver

Turn your hi-fi into a wireless system, 160W built-in amplifier, Digital and analogue in, sub out AW2000/10


How to add an Internet station to my Philips AW device?

If you have the URL of the internet radio station, you can add it as a favorite station via My Philips through the Philips website. See how to do it below:

Before you begin:

Your account in My Philips allows you to manage your radio station settings; you can add, delete and organize your radio stations on My Philips even if it is not possible to find these stations on the App. Before you begin, make sure: * You have a valid account in My Philips * You have registered the speaker in your My Philips account * The speaker is switched off * You have the URL of the Internet radio station

1. Visit www.philips.com/welcome and login to your My Philips account

2. Click on the speaker under ?My latest registered products?

Note: If the speaker is not shown, click on See all my products to show all the products that you have registered.

3. Click on Streamium Management

4. A pop-up box appears. Inside the box, click on Go to under ?My Media?.

5. A new pop-up box appears. Inside the box, select your speaker and then click the Play button.

6. A new pop-up box appears. Select the Music tab.

7. Enter the necessary information of the Internet radio station

8. Tick the box for Mark as favorite

The information on this page applies to the following models: AW2000/10 , AW1000/10 , AW5000/10 , AW9000/10 , AW3000/10 . more less

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