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    CD1801B/05 BeNear Cordless phone
    Please be aware that your product may differ in colour from this picture but the support information is the same
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    BeNear Cordless phone


    I do not recognize the language of my Philips phone

    Follow the steps below to reset your Philips phone. These steps would bring you to the Welcome mode where you can choose your desired language.

    Step by Step description

    1) Press the MENU/OK button once 2) Press the Call list button twice 3) Press the MENU/OK button once 4) Press the Call list button for 5 times 5) Press the MENU/OK button twice A beeping sound would be given out from the handset. It is now reset. PHILIPS 1 would be displayed. 6) Wait for a few seconds 7) Press the Phonebook or Call list button. The display would show WELCOME. 8) Follow the instructions on the display and set the desired language The following table summarizes the steps to reset the phone:

    The information on this page applies to the following models: CD1801B/05 , CD1802B/05 , CD1811B/GB , CD1864B/GB , CD1863B/GB , CD1862B/GB , CD1861B/GB , CD1814B/GB , CD1813B/GB , CD1811B/BE , CD1812B/NL , CD1812B/BE , CD1811B/NL , CD1862T/FR , CD1811G/FR , CD1811T/FR , CD1803B/38 , CD1811G/NL , CD1811R/NL , CD1812B/GB , CD1861B/BE , CD1862B/BE , CD1863B/BE , CD1864B/BE . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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