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    5.1 Home theatre

    DVD HTD3500/55


    My Philips HTS does not wake up from standby mode

    If your Philips Home Theatre System does not wake up automatically from the standby mode when the TV starts, please try the steps below:

    General troubleshooting advice

    • Ensure that your TV is HDMI-CEC compliant with system audio control functionality and that it is activated. For detailed information, refer to the TV user manual. > If you have a Philips TV, you need to select the 'Home>Setup>TV settings>EasyLink>TV speakers>EasyLink Autostart' * The HTS and TV are connected via a HDMI cable Follow these steps to set up your HTS: 1. Press Home 2. Select Setup and press 'OK' 3. Select EasyLink > EasyLink and press 'OK' 4. Select On and press 'OK' 5. Select EasyLink > System Audio Control > On, and press 'OK' 6. Select EasyLink > Audio Input Mapping* and press 'OK' 7. Follow the instructions on the TV screen to map the audio input of the connected device

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HTD3500/55 , HTD3500X/78 , HTD3500K/98 , HTD3200/12 , HTD3500/12 , HTD3500/78 , HTB7530D/12 , HTS3261/12 , HTS4282/12 , HTS3271/12 , HTS3251/12 , HTS8562/12 , HTS9241/12 , HTS3551/12 , HTS7201/12 , HTS9221/12 , HTS4561/12 , HTS5591/12 , HTS5561/12 , HTS5581/12 , HTS5582/12 , HTS5592/12 , HTS4562/12 , HTS5562/12 , HTS9540/12 , HTS5580/12 , HTS9140/12 , HTS5590/12 , HTS5560/12 , HTS9520/12 . more less

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