15GB* HDD100/05


Cannot transfer files from my PC to my Philips HDD

  1. Make sure that your HDD is connected to the power supply with the AC/DC adapter. Launch the Digital Media Manager DMM application on your PC. 2. Click PREFERENCE to enter the preference menu, click BROWSE to select the folder where you keep all your music files. Click OK and then DONE to get the music into the library. 3. Click EASY UPDATE at the bottom of the Library/Device view to activate the easy update screen. 4. Click the UPDATE LIBRARY or UPDATE BOTH icon to transfer new content from the music library of your computer to the HDD. 5. Once the update finish you may click on the removal icon on the task tray to stop and eject the jukebox. When a message saying the USB device can now be safely removed from the system appears click OK. 6. Unplug the HDD from PC and enjoy your favorite music on the move.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HDD100/05 .

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