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    Blu-ray Disc/DVD player

    3D Blu-ray Disc playback, Miracast™, Netflix and YouTube, Built-in Wi-Fi BDP2385/12


    Pause/Fast forward and other features on my HTS not working in DLNA mode

    When using the “Browse PC” feature (DLNA), the capability of your media server software determines the availability of certain playback functions such as 'Pause' and 'Fast-forward'. Your media server software application may not support fast-forward for certain file types, even though the same file can be fast-forwarded when played locally on your computer or mobile devices. Please upgrade your media server software application to the latest version. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact the vendor of your media server software.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: BDP2385/12 , HTS3261/12 , HTS3271/12 , HTS8562/12 , HTS9241/12 , BDP6000/12 , HTS7201/12 , HTS9221/12 , BDP7600/05 , HTS5591/12 , HTS4561/12 , BDP7600/12 , HTS5561/12 , HTS5581/12 , HTS5582/12 , HTS7202/12 , HTS5592/12 , HTS4562/12 , BDP5200/05 , HTS5562/12 , BDP5200/12 . more less

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