Hard disk/DVD recorder

250 GB DVDR3597H/05


My Philips DVDR displays 'no signal'

First verify whether all cables are securely connected and intact. Try to connect the devices with another cable in order to make sure. Be aware that most countries have stopped analog broadcasts or will do so in the near future. If your DVD recorder does not have a digital tuner (all models except the DVDR55xx series) you need to connect an external digital receiver (set top box). If you are repeatedly experiencing technical issues with your recorder, it is a good idea to upgrade the Firmware. If an issue has occurred before, it has probably been addressed in the Firmware upgrades. Visit the Software & drivers section on this page to download the latest Firmware and read the installation instructions. If an upgrade of the Firmware has no result, you need to reset your recorder. Please refer to the dedicated FAQ on this subject for detailed instructions on how to perform a reset. If none of the advice above has made the message disappear, your recorder may be defective and we advise you to contact our customer support. You can find the contact details in the top right corner of this page.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR3597H/05 .

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