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    SoundBar Home cinema speakers

    Virtual surround, Wireless subwoofer, for Android CSS5123/12


    My Philips receiver's remote occasionally does not work

    Below are some tips on using the remote control: 1. Point the remote control directly to the soundbar, not to the TV. 2. Point the remote control to the right side of the soundbar. The signal receiver is on the right side of the bar. 3. Make sure the batteries are inserted in the correct direction. Note the polarity markings (+/-) inside the battery compartment. 4. If the soundbar is placed close to a plasma TV, move it a little further away. Plasma can interfere with the infrared signal from remote controls. Check that the remote control is giving an infrared signal: 1. Point a digital camera (such as the camera on a mobile phone) towards the lens on the remote control. 2. Press a button on the remote control and at the same time look at the image in the camera. An infrared signal displays as a flickering light in the camera screen.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: CSS5123/12 .

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