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    5.1 Home theatre

    3D Blu-ray, iPod/iPhone ready HTS5591/12


    No device is available in Windows media sharing screen

    1) Wait for a few minutes. Depending on the speed of you network, it can take some time to detect your home theater. 2) From your home theater, browse PC * If you see your computer, your computer and home theater are on the same network. Your network or firewall settings can prevent media sharing. * If your PC and home theater are connected wireless, try using wired connections 3) In the Media Sharing window, click How does sharing change firewall settings. � A Windows Media Player help file appears. 4) In the help file, read What are the network and firewall requirements. 5) If you still can't set up media sharing, call Philips Consumer Care.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HTS5591/12 , HTS5581/12 , HTS9540/12 , HTS5220/12 , HTS5580/12 , HTS9140/12 , HTS5590/12 , HTS9520/12 . more less

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