Philips In.Sight wireless HD home monitor M115D Wi-Fi & HD Wide-angle Night vision Dual pack



How to change the language of Philips InSightHD app?

For iOS users: 1. Uninstall the InSightHD app. 2. Select language for you iPhone via Setting. 3. Download and install the InSightHD app from AppStore. 4. Launch the InSightHD app. For Android users: 1. On the device, go to [Settings]. 2. Select [Language & Input]. 3. Change the language. 4. Re-launch the InSightHD app. Note: The steps may vary on different Android devices.

The information on this page applies to the following models: M115D/05 , M115G/37 , M115G/05 , M115E/37 , M115E/05 , M115D/37 , M115D/12 , M115/05 , M115/37 , M115/12 , M115E/12 , M115G/12 , B120S/10 , B120N/10 , M120G/10 , M120E/10 , M120D/10 , M120/10 , M120/05 , M120E/37 , M120E/78 , M120E/93 . more less



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