GoGEAR MP4 player

Ariaz, 4 GB* SA2ARA04S/02

Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of ID3 are supported by my Philips player?

It supports both ID3 version 2.3 and ID3 version 2.4 tags. However, ID3 version 2 tags with unsynchronization scheme or UTF8 encoding will not be supported.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA2ARA04S/02 , SA2VBE04KA/02 , SA2VBE08RA/02 , SA2VBE08KA/02 , SA2VBE04RA/02 , SA2ARA04K/02 , SA2VBE04P/02 , SA2ARA16K/02 , SA2ARA08S/02 , SA2VBE16K/02 , SA2VBE04R/02 , SA2VBE08R/02 , SA2VBE08K/02 , SA2ARA08K/02 , SA2VBE04S/02 , SA2VBE04K/02 , SA2VBE08S/02 . more less

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