Wireless HDTV Link



No video output on my TV after the installation

  1. Please confirm that the wireless signal has already been linked. A blinking power LED means that there is no link between the receiver and transmitter. Make sure the distance is less than 20 meters and that the receiver and transmitter are not in different rooms. A concrete wall between the transmitter and receiver will block the signal. 2. Please confirm that the TV and other video source devices are turned on. A rapidly blinking source LED on the SWW1800 means there is no signal source. 3. Please confirm that you have switched to the right input source. 4. Please confirm that the output format of the video source device is supported by the SWW1800. A slowly blinking source LED means the SWW1800 does not support the format of the video source connected.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SWW1800/12 .

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