9000 series 4K Razor-Slim OLED TV powered by Android

139 cm (55"), 4K Ultra-HD OLED TV, Quad Core, 16 GB & expandable, DVB T/C/T2/T2-HD/S/S2 55POS901F/12

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reorder channels?

Favourite or most watched channels are placed inconveniently in the installed channel list, therefore the order of channels on the TV needs to be changed.


Ensure that:

• the software of the television is up-to-date


The broadcast provider does not allow to reorder the pre-defined channel list. It is recommended to use the [Favourites list] option of the TV to create a channel list in the order of preference.

Create a favourites list:

Please see attachment.

Reorder the favourites list:

  1. While a TV channel is visible, press the “OK” button on the remote control to open the Channel List

  2. Select the top bar where the channel list name is shown, press “OK” and choose the favourite list that was previously created.

  3. Press the “Options” button on the remote control

  4. Select the “Reorder the channels” option

  5. Highlight a channel to move and press “OK” on the remote control

  6. Move the channel with the arrow keys on the remote control and press “OK” to accept its new position in the favourites list

  7. Press the “Back” button on the remote control to save the new order of the channels

The information on this page applies to the following models: 55POS901F/12 , 65PUS7601/12 , 32HFL5011T/12 , 65HFL7011T/12 , 55HFL7011T/12 , 55HFL5011T/12 , 49HFL7011T/12 , 49HFL5011T/12 , 43HFL5011T/12 , 40HFL5011T/12 , 65PUS7101/12 , 65PUS6521/12 , 43PUS6401/12 , 43PUS6551/12 , 49PUS6401/12 , 49PUS7181/12 , 55PUS7181/12 , 55PUS6401/12 , 49PUS6551/12 , 49PUS6561/12 , 32PFS6401/12 , 49PUS7101/12 , 55PUS6551/12 , 55PUS6561/12 , 55PUS7101/12 , 55PUS8601/12 . more less

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