FastCare Compact Steam generator iron

Max 5.2 bar pump pressure, Up to 200 g steam boost, 1.3-l fixed water tank GC6704/36


Fabric sticks to the soleplate of my Philips steam generator iron

If fabric sticks to the soleplate of your Philips iron, read on to find out what you can do.

The temperature setting is too high for the fabric

Please check the label of your garment or read the instructions of your Philips iron to learn what temperature setting is advised.

The soleplate is damaged or scratched

In this case, we recommend you to contact us and ask for a repair.

The soleplate temperature becomes too hot

If this happens, there might be an issue with your iron's heating function. We recommend that you contact us and ask for a repair.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC6704/36 , GC6709/26 , GC6730/36 , GC6733/26 , GC7717/80 , GC7710/20 , GC7715/80 , GC7703/20 , GC7705/30 , GC6627/30 , GC6630/20 , GC6606/20 , GC6603/20 , GC6612/30 , GC6602/20 , GC6611/30 , GC6621/20 , GC6625/30 , GC6631/30 . more less

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