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    DreamStation Go Front Beauty Panel

    Replacement panel HH1451/00


    DreamStation Go display is erratic

    Find out what to do if the display of your DreamStation Go is not working properly.

    DreamStation Go display is erratic.

    Your DreamStation Go may have been dropped, mishandled or in an area with several electronic devices. Unplug the device, reapply power to the device. If the problem continues, relocate the device to an area away from electronic equipment (mobile phones, cordless phones, computers, TVs, electronic games, hair dryers etc.).

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HH1451/00 , HH1452/00 .

    Other issues

    Cleaning and Maintenance (2)
    Leaking (1)
    Noise (1)
    Other faults (2)
    Display (2)
    Indication Lights (2)
    Power/ Charging / Battery life (2)
    Buttons (1)
    Filter (1)
    Overheating (2)
    Signal output (1)
    Temperature issues (1)
    Settings (1)
    Parts and Accessories (1)
    Error notifications (2)
    Functionality (1)
    Programme (1)

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