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    DreamStation Go Front Beauty Panel

    Replacement panel HH1451/00


    DreamStation Go gives a leak/whistling sound

    Find out what to do if your DreamStation Go produces a leak/whistling sound coming from PAP. This sound doesn't seem to be related to your mask.

    DreamStation Go gives a leak/whistling sound coming from PAP, not related to the mask.

    DreamStation Go air inlet may be obstructed. Check that the PAP air inlet is not obstructed and that filters are clean and properly inserted. Also confirm that the Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) system and tube are connected properly and are not leaking.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HH1451/00 , HH1452/00 .


    Leaking (1)
    Noise (1)
    Device (3)
    Other faults (2)
    Display (2)
    Indication Lights (2)
    Power/ Charging / Battery life (2)
    Buttons (1)
    Filter (1)
    Overheating (2)
    Signal output (1)
    Temperature issues (1)
    Settings (1)
    Parts and Accessories (1)
    Error notifications (2)
    Functionality (1)
    Programme (1)

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