Daily Collection Kitchen chopper (white)

450 W, 0.7 l, Plastic bowl, 2 blades HR1393/01


The coupling unit of my Philips chopper is dirty

If the coupling unit of your Philips chopper is dirty, there could be several causes. Learn more here.

The top of the chopper knife became dirty

If the top part of the knife became dirty while filling ingredients into the bowl, clean it as follows (please be careful not to hurt yourself with the blades):

1) Rinse the top part of the knife under the tap.

2) Then dry it and put the knife back into the bowl.

3) Place the lid and the motor unit onto the bowl.

Philips chopper knife top

The bowl has been overfilled

If your chopper’s bowl is overfilled, the ingredients may get to the coupling unit. Please do not exceed the quantities indicated in the user manual.

Cleaning the coupling unit

If your coupling unit is dirty, please clean it with a damp cloth or wait until residues are dry and remove them with a toothpick. Never rinse the motor unit under the tap or put it in the dishwasher.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR1393/01 , HR1393/91 .

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