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The charging plug of my Philips SmartClean does not fit

If you are having trouble fitting the charger of your SmartClean system, please read our tip below to solve this issue.

Angle of plug is incorrect

The charging plug fits the Philips SmartClean station when inserted correctly.

Tilt your SmartClean unit so that it is at a 45 degree angle to your charging cable.

Now insert the cable in the given space.

Inserting charger in Philips SmartClean Station


Please make sure that you take out the SmartClean cartridge before tilting the device.

To remove the cartridge, open the bottom compartment and take out the cartridge.

The information on this page applies to the following models: S9711/31 , S7921/51 , S5270/06 , S7710/26 , S5572/40 , S5572/10 , S5530/06 , S5240/06 , S5250/06 , CP0253/01 , S9211/12 , S9211/26 , S5100/06 , S5360/06 , S5210/06 , S5110/06 , S5130/06 , S7530/50 , S7370/12 , S720/17 , S5600/41 , S5420/06 , S5400/06 , S5340/06 , S5320/06 , S738/17 , CP9060/01 , S9031/26 , S9041/12 , S9111/43 . more less

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