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    Daily Collection Toaster

    2 slot, Compact, White beige, Reheat HD2595/01


    The browning from my Philips Toaster is uneven

    When your Philips Toaster toasts your bread unevenly, please discover in the following lines why this happens.

    One slice of bread

    When you toast one slice of bread only, the browning might vary slightly from one side to the other. Do not worry: this is normal (there is nothing wrong with your toaster).

    Different thickness of bread

    The heat absorption would vary slightly based on the thickness of bread.

    Deformed bread slice

    If the slice of bread is deformed, then it might not be evenly toasted.

    You can help prevent this by making sure loaves of bread are not stored on top of each other as this could deform the shape of the bread.

    Rough bread surface

    The browning produced by your toaster will be more even on pre-sliced bread from a shop or bakery. If the surface of the slice of bread is rough, then it might not be evenly browned.

    If you cannot get bread that is machine-sliced, slice your own bread using a bread knife, making sure its surface is even.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HD2595/01 , HD2595/91 , HD2628/30 , HD2628/60 , HD2628/40 , HD2586/20 , HD2628/22 , HD2628/20 , HD2623/36 , HD2623/55 , HD2623/56 , HD2623/59 , HD2627/20 , HD2627/22 , HD2626/20 , HD2626/22 . more less

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