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    QC5115/13  family hair clipper
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    family hair clipper


    My Philips Kids' Hair Clipper is not working

    If your Philips Kids' Hair Clipper is not turning on or not performing well, try our troubleshooting advice to resolve this issue yourself.

    Hair clipper is dirty

    It could be that some hair particles or dust have accumulated inside your hair clipper. This can cause the appliance to stop working, or result in poor cutting performance.

    To resolve this issue, clean your kids' hair clipper regularly. Remember to take off the attachments and clean them separately. Also clean the inner part of the hair clipper where a lot of hair usually collects.

    For detailed cleaning instructions, refer to your user manual.
    Cleaning the Philips Kids' Hair Clipper

    Hair clipper needs oiling

    If your Philips Kids' Hair Clipper is working more slowly than usual or making a strange noise, then it could be that it needs to be oiled.

    Apply a drop of oil on the cutting teeth of your hair clipper. For best results, we advise that you clean and lubricate your clipper regularly.

    If you have tried the advice above but are still not satisfied with the performance of your Philips Kids' Hair Clipper, then please contact us for further support.
    Oiling the Philips Kids' Hair Clipper

    The information on this page applies to the following models: QC5115/13 .

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