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    Don’t be left in the dark
    Upgrade from Halogen to LED

    The Halogen ban  

    The EU has started to ban the sale of inefficient halogen lighting.  Compared to LEDs, halogen bulbs consume 10 times more energy and emit significantly excess heat which negatively impacts the environment and global warming. 


    So which Halogen lamps are exactly banned? 

    • Effective ban from September 2016, directional halogen lamps or also known as the GU10 or spotlight bulbs. 
    • Effective ban from September 2018: non-directional halogen lamps like the standard pear or candle bulb shaped lamps. 


    By switching from Halogen to LED, you can save energy and money without compromising on the quality of lighting in your home. Philips LEDs look, feel and behave like a halogen lamp and yet is up to 90% more energy efficient.


    to LED now


    • Money saving with LED Lights
    • LED light sources last longer
    • LED lighting is very energy efficent
    • LED light save up to 90%
    • LED light bulbs last 20-25 times longer