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    It's all about being comfortable now

    With baby’s birth date not far away, now is the time to think carefully about what you wear. For the next few weeks, comfort and safety need to take centre stage – so ditch the high heels. Whether it seems like an eternity since you discovered you were pregnant, or the time has flown, the next nine weeks will whizz by. So look at your checklist and tick off what you can. If the little things are organised, you can focus fully on the birth.

    What's happening this week to you?

    Breathlessness is sometimes common at this stage. Your little one is taking up even more space inside you and your womb is pushing up against your diaphragm. With less room for air, it’s important that you don’t overdo things and get as much rest as possible. An increase in appetite at this stage is common, so keep your diet as healthy as possible and try not to binge.

    What's happening this week to your baby?

    Up until now your baby has been covered in tiny hairs known as lanugo which help keep him warm. These begin to disappear this week as your little one adds a layer of subcutaneous fat. Still growing quickly, your baby now weighs around 1.5 kgs (3.3 lbs) and is almost 40cm long.

    AVENT tips

    With baby kicking through the night, you’re probably finding it harder to sleep. Added to various hormonal changes, this can lead to insomnia. Insomnia can be a really vicious circle: you can be dog-tired, but you still can’t get a good night’s sleep. Avoid caffeine after lunch and exercise in the evening and make sure you embrace your best-ever excuse for relaxation.


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