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    Most enjoyable moments from the first year

    Well done on getting through the first twelve months of motherhood. Those newborn days of frequent feeds and endless nappy changes are now a distant memory. We asked mums to share their personal highlights of baby’s first year. Here’s what some of them had to say…

    The first time my baby looked into my eyes and smiled her first toothless grin has to be one of the highlights of the past year for me. It was a really magical moment. One I’ll never forget."

    Sonja, 41

    My son was so pleased with himself when he learnt how to roll over by himself. It was hilarious. He would be lying on his belly and pushing up with his arms. Then he would shoot me a cheeky grin, cock his head to one side and roll over. It was amazing just how far he could get in a matter of seconds! We had to baby-proof the house pretty quickly after that. Once he was on the move there was no stopping him."

    Helga, 28

    It was a big deal for me when I realized my baby was beginning to understand what I was saying and could point to her nose, eyes and ears when prompted. Such a joy and so rewarding after those early days when they don’t really do much other than eat, sleep and soil their nappies."

    Nina, 35

    A few months into weaning, our baby boy learned how to pick up snacks using his pincer grip. Was so sweet watching the sheer look of concentration on his face as he picked up each individual rice puff between his forefinger and thumb and popped it into his mouth with a satisfied grin."

    Eva, 38

    My baby said her first word at 8 months completely out of the blue. She was in her buggy and she reached out her hand and pointed to a "dog". My heart melted. Although I have to admit I was a bit disappointed that "mummy" didn’t become part of her vocabulary until much much later."

    Anna, 22

    After months of drooling and biting and gnawing on everything in sight, the emergence of baby’s first tooth was a relief. It also seemed to mark the end of one phase and the beginning of the next. My baby’s face looked more grown up once teeth started to appear. A real turning point."

    Claudia, 40


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