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    The 3­ month old's

    Your little one has made leaps and bounds over the past few months. Here’s an insight into what’s going on in their world when they reach the 3 ­month milestone.

    Hello, world

    Exciting times lie ahead as your little one begins to differentiate between themselves and the rest of the world. Life is no longer a constant blend of sounds, colors and sensations; everything is slowly but surely coming into focus. Your baby might start to recognize the difference between voices, feel the variation between soft and hard toys, or distinguish between basic colors.

    Find your voice

    At around 3 months, many babies also discover their vocal chords. There will be coos of joy, squeals of delight and the beginnings of some experimentation with vowel sounds. You can help your baby with their newfound vocal prowess by singing or reading nursery rhymes to them, or simply replying when you hear their excited babble.

    Get physical

    When your little one isn’t busy giving their vocal chords a workout, they might also show off some new physical skills. Overall, a 3­month­old no longer has the jerky movements of a newborn; they tend to be more confident moving their limbs and holding their head up, and may even be able to grasp onto a toy firmly.

    What’s next?

    Over the coming months your little one will learn about patterns and how one action can lead to another. For example, your baby may decide to grab a toy, bring it to their mouth, and back down again. It might seem simple to us, but it’s actually a complex series of actions that every baby eventually learns.


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