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    The art of coming up with a new soothing routine

    Comforting and soothing are part and parcel of parenting. Sadly, there’s no foolproof way to calm a fretful baby. What’s more, what works one day may not have the same effect the next. As a parent you’ll often have to switch up techniques or get creative to settle your infant. Our guide to soothing will help you find your way.

    Explore the calm

    There will be times of the day when your baby is in a good mood. Use these calm periods to explore what they love doing most. It could be playing with a specific toy or listening to you sing a particular soothing song. Keep these things in mind next time your baby feels anxious and try using them one at a time as settling tools.

    Embrace individuality

    All babies are different. And so for that matter are all parents. Don’t be put off if advice from a friend or relation about what works for them doesn’t work for you. The relationship you have with your baby is unique. Concentrate on establishing what works best for you both. If your baby requires you to stay in the room until she falls asleep, then so be it. There’s no harm in spending that extra few minutes together if it means a better night’s sleep for all of you.

    See the bigger picture

    Sometimes it’s hard to find an obvious reason for a baby’s agitation such as hunger, tiredness or a dirty nappy. At times like this it’s worth remembering that their little minds and bodies are constantly developing. What’s upsetting them could be something as momentous as a growth spurt, the start of teething or even a developmental leap. It’s a lot for a little baby to cope with and it’s no wonder they’ll need a little extra attention.

    Sometimes they just cry

    There’s no secret magic way to sooth a fussy baby. Even the most experienced parents will admit, that there are times when babies just cry no matter what you do. Babies cry more from birth to 4 months than at any other time of their lives seemingly without reason. All you can do is provide them with a pair of loving arms and ride out the early weeks. It may not seem like it at the time, but this phase will soon pass.


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