Replace the covers every month to keep your hair  feeling nourished and protected, every time you straighten

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Hints and tips for your replacement covers


Each set of plate covers is designed to last one month with average use (10 straightening sessions). When the delicate flowery aroma and decorative design fades, it’s time for new ones

not faded
New covers
Covers need replacing
  • If you feel that the performance of the care infusion covers is fading, replace them to enjoy maximum care for your hair.
  • Depending on the hair length and frequency of use, the covers can be used for up to one month* for about 10 straightening sessions. (*when used twice a week on shoulder-length hair)
  • Use the covers within 3 months after opening the packaging.
  • Always replace the covers as a pair.
  • Do not use the covers when damaged.
If the decoration on the covers has faded away after the first use it could be that you are pressing too hard during styling. The covers are sensitive to the pressure applied

Benefits of Nutri wonder plate covers

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